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Star Dust Fine EyeShadow Powder

HKD $230/pcs

MRI Star Dust fine powder is easy to apply and long lasting especially together with Maruichi Eyebase.  Star Dust finer powder is colorful which is good for professional makeup . 

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Line Fix Gel liner is soft texture, so even draw an eyeliner in inner liner, not easy to irriate tear. moreover, the color can stay at eyeline and waterproof. you can smudge it after draw a think eyeliner to create smoky eye. After that you can apply Star dust fine powder to consolid the color and the level of waterproof.

Line fix gel pencil     $180/pcs

Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner      $180/pcs


Flet Tip Liquid Eyeliner is very waterproof and easy to draw the fine line.

color is very vivi and strong, this is good for smoky eye and strong makeup drawing. 

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Limited Maruichi Professional makeup brush set

(10 pcs) HKD $880

Maruichi Makeup Brush which is made in Japan. It is a high quality and professional makeup brush set. At the end of Brush which is angle shape , it is good for makeup artist to take out cream or foundation or for mixing makeup product


Loose powder brush and brush on are made by 100%goat hair . 3 eyes shadow blush is make by peony hair, soft and easy appliable.


Brush total length : 16.5 CM 

makeup case:  31cm(W) x 20cm (H)

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