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Point Up Remover

HKD 260

non sticky and very clean after using point up remover! Skin tone turn more bright!   ---->

The foremost thing after the application of heavy make-up on our face especially our eye area is to remove it in a manner that our skin does not feel any kind of irritation. So, you need not to worry as our point up remover is all set to give your skin a soothing effect after it is applied to remove the make-up from your skin. This remover has the capacity to remove even the strong water proof make-up which can be removed with the help of dry hands within a time of 15 seconds. You just have to massage the facial skin and the areas near your eyes and can clean it without using any emulsification which soothes down your skin area. Ladies can have a sigh of relief after using the remover made by MARUICHI as it will not have any side effects and protects the delicate eye area too.

Moisturizing Gel Eye Mask

HKD 480 / 8 pairs

Eyes do speak a lot so every one of us likes to have the beautiful and attractive eyes. But because of hectic schedule and long usage of gadgets and sometimes lack of sleep gets us down with various eye problems. Many ladies complain of dark circles which makes them look dull whenever they are heading for a regular outing or for some special occasion. But ladies, you need not to worry as the moisturizing gel eyemask is readily available in the market by our company MARUICHI which is ready to use mask. It is a perfect solution for all the eyes related problem and you can use this moist mask while doing your personal work as it will not slip from under your eyes. This is a hydrating eyemask which is made up of water, glycerin, fruit extract, peach leaf extract and Aloe Vera leaf extract which are natural ingredients and safe for your eyes. The moisture within the eyemask can be locked up to 2 hour because of ODT technique, we got the patent from Japan government. That mean even the eyemask is used for 2 hours still can supply moisture to eyes.

Active Repair Eye Gel

HKD 430

Sometimes, you may experience puffy eyes or sagging under your eye areas which are mostly due to the long hours of work and for that, you need to pamper your eyes. The active repair eye gel mask is a right solution for giving a soothing effect to the areas under your eyes. It gives them comfort as you have to put this eye gel mask under the affected areas and sit back to see them working on their own. It mostly contains the natural material which is safe to use on the delicate areas as the seaweed ball and peach leaf essence. It helps in naturally hydrating your skin as it maintains the ph level and will help in giving it a soothing and relaxing effect by leaving it fresh. It helps in revitalizing the area and gives you comfort in other related problem of headache or consistent eye pain.

RV Eyecream

HKD 680 / 10g x 2 pcs

RV Eyecream that has oats essence , 2 kind of hydraulic acid and vitamin C as its key ingredient. Smooth in application. The new eye care cream is non sticky and form a thin protection layer surrounding the eyes so that there is no possibility of quick moisture evaporation. it is also a good UV protection

and anit wrinkling eye cream


The best part is that the cream can be used to uplift the skin below the eye gradually which mean a younger and fresh look!



Japan Eye Specialties Maruichi new products, Rv eye essence vials fresh concept, eyedrop bottle design, convenient and accurate use of amont of both eye area! 1-2 drops put on eyebag to the eyelids, to prevent the formation of dark circles, Daily care, up to long-term show bright eyes muscle.
The new multi-functional eye repair essence, with four kind of hyaluronic acid, two kinds of water-soluble collagen, EGF, vitamin A, C and other active ingredients. To give adequate water and nutrients, to consolidate the eye skin, against the formation of fine lines, increase eye skin elasticity and reduce the effectiveness of dark circles. Specially designed drip nozzle to facilitate the essence of dripping and calculate the weight, intimate design! Never form the fat particles, a sense of warmth to help blood circulation, is designed for eye skin essence.

use day and night before eyegel or eyecream

1 box 10ML X 2 4x2x 7cm

RV Eye essence

HKD 580 / 10g x 2 pcs

B&F Moisturizing Gel Eye Mask

HKD 488 / 6 pairs

Japan Eye Specialist Maruichi  limited new product,

B & F Moisturizing Gel Eyemask!

lighten dark circles function, moisturizing and lift UP eye mask! Moisturizing effect of up to 8 hours.For the dry eye area and want to improve the dark circles of the people.It also can be used directly after the make-up and immediately restore the sense of glossy. The above effect depends on the arbutin - to prevent the activation of tyrosine acid, blocking the activity of enzymes, inhibit melanin production, to achieve whitening effect.

 Q10 - "antioxidant", such as the defense of UV damage, to prevent free radicals on health Cell attack;
Vitamin E: Vitamin E can delay cell aging, can prevent scars to help wound healing, anti-oxidation, reduce the deposition of the elderly plaque.
Antioxidants, oil-soluble substances, to avoid lipid peroxidation
Embryonic protein, placenta
Promote metabolism, stimulate cell regeneration

Vitamin A derivatives, to help normalize the metabolism of the stratum corneum, with antioxidant utility, can make the skin soft and flexible.
Water-soluble hyaluronic acid and collagen can supplement skin moisture and elasticity

Eye penetrating technology for MARUICHI is the most focused, thin gel eye mask with mesh support technology can make eye mask stick to the eye skin, effectively make the above ingredients penetrate the skin. Film is still full of serum even use 2 hour, so that the eye muscle slowly "drink full of water" is to retain the brighten eye.

This eyemask can stay on the same place for long time and will not slip aways easily because of the special design of the gel mask. it is thin layer gel mask support by mesh inside in order not to affect the shape of the eyemask.

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